New and used spare parts for Land Rovers

Many people would like to buy good, clean, new and used guaranteed Land Rover parts but for one problem - where to start looking? It is a fact that any one part is available somewhere in the country but to spend money on hundreds of calls is just not on. Our stock grows daily, If we do not have the part requested available, we will do our utmost best to locate the part on your behalf at an affordable price.

We specialise in Genuine, OEM and Replacement, fully guaranteed parts, new and used spare parts, we will try to beat any written quotation within reason. We offer the services of the best and most reliable courier companies that specialise in your area or country with overnight countrywide delivery. We export engines, gearboxes and parts to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Congo, please inquire for a list of agents or depots in your country.

All our used, reconditioned and remanufactured engines are on an exchange basis. Remanufactured engines come with a 12 month / 100 000km Guarantee or otherwise specified by the Land Rover, only genuine Land Rover parts are used, a reliable, cost effective and efficient solution. Terms and conditions do apply.

We stock new and used spare parts and dismantle the following vehicles Land Rover Defender 90, Defender 110, Defender 130 and Puma, Freelander 1, Freelander 1 Face Lift, Freelander 2, Discovery 1 TDI and V8, Discovery 2 TD5 and V8, Discovery 2 face Lift, Discovery 3, Discovery 4, Rangies P38 and Classic, Range Rover, Range Rover Big Body / Vogue and Range Rover Sport.

We deliver to all the major panel beaters countrywide and are on the panel as a recommended parts supplier for most well-known insurance companies. We are dealers for the following warranty companies.

  • Eqstra Sure - Dealer Code 076180
  • Innovations - Dealer Code Warranty 31663
  • Innovations - Services and maintenance 19383
  • Motorite - Dealer Code D093908
  • 360 Plus Maintenance - Dealer Code 3601677

The Classic and very sought after Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 130 Series

In the early 1980s, Land Rover embarked on a programme that quickly produced the Stage 1 Land Rover and the 4-door Range Rover. The programme ended with replacements for the Series 3 in the form of the One-Ten Land Rover in 1983, and the Ninety Land Rover in 1984. The Series 3 remained in production until late 1985. Externally, the One-Ten (110") resembled the Series 3 and shape was retained even after a number of minor changes. The grille was moved a bit forward, allowing enough space in the engine compartment for the Rover V8 as well as other engines. The windscreen was replaced with a slightly taller one-piece windscreen, and polyurethane wheel arches were fitted. The inside furnishings were improved, and wind-up windows replaced the slide ones. 1984 saw the launch of the Land Rover Ninety (90"). The new name was partly a result of marketing but in reality the wheelbase is 4.5 inches longer than the 88 inch Series 3 and the new features of the Land Rover 110" were carried over to the new Land Rover 90". In 1985, the 127" was launched and now known as the "130", the 127" is an even longer wheelbase version of the 110". The Ninety and One-ten were re-branded the Land Rover 'Defender' in the launch of the 1990 Models. The Defender also came with the 200 TDi turbo diesel engine option and followed by the 300 TDi in 1993. In 1999, the TD5 5-cylinder turbo diesel engine option was added to the Land Rover Defender Series.

We are official distributors for Koni Land Rover

Koni Suspension for Land Rovers

KONI, the world’s leading manufacturer of shocks and struts for the OEM and aftersales market. Here you find all kinds of shock absorbers for a great ride handling, experience, quality for your private, classic or offroad car. And for the different applications of bus, truck and trailer, rail and special products.

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The Land Rover Discovery is an offroad focused mid-size luxury SUV

The Land Rover Discovery was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989 and marked a major departure from previous Land Rover vehicles by targeting the passenger and family 4x4 market. Although this market barely existed at that time the timing was perfect for the British market which quickly took to the new vehicle. Unlike Land Rover's previous products, the Discovery was able to compete against the family car, boasting a comfortable ride and an interior designed by Sir Terrence Conran. It also competed in terms of power and performance with the now-famous Rover 3.5 litre V8. The 200 TDi direct-injection turbo diesel engine was introduced as a diesel option. This boasted impressive economy and best-in-class performance, although it was slightly noisier than other diesels vehicles in its competing market. Even though it was essentially aimed at the family market the Discovery still boasted the best-in-class off road ability that the Land Rover has come to symbolise. As well as powerful engine options, a transfer case, a locking centre differential, the 100" wheelbase chassis was fitted with coil spring suspension.

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Land Rover Accessories

Specialised Land Rover accessories to personalise and improve your vehicles capability

All accessories are available and can be fitted at any time. From bull bars, electric winches, spare wheel carriers, jerry can holders, roof racks, rock sliders, gas bottle holders, differential and sump guards, differential locks, long range tanks, custom protectors, roll bars, full roll cages, snorkels, diff locks, suspension kits, (We specialise in Koni), unique camping gear, we've got every accessory to personalise your Land Rover. We can customize and manufacture any accessory to your personalised needs or specifications. You name it and we will make it!

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Land Rover Spares and Parts

Stockist of most popular Land Rover vehicles spare parts both new and used

We stock and supply new and used parts for most if not all the Land Rovers from the Defender right up to the latest Range Rover. If we don't have it in stock we will use our 1st class network nationally and internationally to source the part at the best and lowest price possible. We can supply all over Africa with our excellent logistic services within 5 business days at the lowest cost to our clients. LR Spares buy wrecks to strip for spares on all Land Rovers as far back as a 1995 model. We buy unwanted, accident damaged, engine or gearbox problem Land Rover's for cash.

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The Land Rover Freelander is a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV)

The Freelander introduced in 1997 marked a significant change in marketing and construction for Land Rover. Land Rover had a range of products covering the family 4x4, luxury and utility markets. The Freelander's body and suspension are different to the standard Land Rover practice. Rather than the ladder chassis design that has been used ever since the Series 1, the Freelander is designed with a monocoque body construction like that on modern cars. Unlike modern cars the body has a substantial sub-frame including welded box-section rails. Keeping the body 'square' and adding the strength to survive repeated snatch recoveries gives the body a high structural rigidity. Even if the vehicle is severely cross-axled the rigidity ensures that all five doors will open without catching. The Freelander also lacks a low range gearbox and a differential lock also known as a diff-lock. Due to the introduction of the innovative Hill Descent Control or HDC. HDC pulses the brakes to maintain a target speed of about 5mph in a process reminiscent of ABS at the press of a button. This greatly enhances the Freelander's off-road abilities and does away with the need for a low range gear to descend steep hills. Since been introduced on other Land Rover models it has been a big success.

LR Spares Workshop

Top quality vehicle servicing, maintenance and full diagnostic equipment with a 12 month warranty

Land Rovers are beautifully constructed and sturdy vehicles, good vehicle maintenance and vehicle service is essential, no matter what you use your vehicle for. Servicing your vehicle at "the recommended" distance or monthly intervals will ensure that you extend the life of your vehicle. Visit our handy service interval table to ensure that your vehicle maintenance is kept up to date. We are very well known for the supply of new, used and reconditioned engines including fitment, especially the 300 TDI, TD5 and Discovery TDV6 and Range Rover TDV8 motors. We are RMI approved to promote, protect and encourage the interests of members and the motoring public by setting and maintaining proper standards of service and ethical trading conditions in the industry.

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Monthly Land Rover Specials

Monthly specials on all stocked and over stocked items from engines to light protectors

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Land Rover For Sale

Acrotek LR Spares buy and sell second hand Land Rovers from all over Africa

Having one of the biggest Land Rover independent networks over Africa our stock is refreshed on a weekly basis from Defender 90’s, Defender 110’s, Range Rover’s and Discovery 3’s. You are welcome to advertise your vehicle on our site for good exposure, terms and conditions apply. If you are looking to sell you vehicle please feel free to contact us to add your vehicle to our website for a nominal fee and fantastic exposure.

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Land Rover Defender Series Sticker Sets

Are you looking for a styling sticker kit for your Land Rover Defender 90 or 110

Stockist of sticker kits for the Defender Series so please Contact us and let us know if you would be interested in owning a new set of decals for your Defender.

The classic and now beautiful Range Rover

Since its introduction in 1970, the classic Range Rover had slowly moved up-market from the original concept. By the early 1990s it was felt that the Range Rover should appeal for buyers of luxury cars such as Jaguar and Mercedes. This had to be performed without losing any of the Range Rover's best-in-class off-road capabilities. Hence, the P38 development project was started to completely redesign the Range Rover which was launched in 1994, with sales of the 'classic' Range Rover continuing until 1996. The design team saw the target market as traditional and the final body shape was criticised by many as being too bland. It was also compared with the MetroCab in a negative light. The new design looked more like other SUVs from a distance, but a variety of design cues were kept from the old design. On the positive side, the new body had lower wind noise and an extremely low drag coefficient. Making it popular with a number of police forces as an excellent high speed cruiser.

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