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LR Spares Head Quarters

Our new Approved workshop has unrivaled experience in all aspects of Land Rover servicing and maintenance. Approved workshops meet MTO's rigorous standards for quality and service and ensure that your car is protected. If you own a used Land Rover or you purchased your Land Rover elsewhere, there’s no better place than our Approved workshop to begin maintaining your car.

Our trained advisers and technicians at Acrotek LR Spares have unrivaled experience, knowledge, and skills. What’s more, our new workshop uses state-of-the-art equipment in up-to-date workshop environments. On top of the assurance that quality technicians will be entrusted to work on your Land Rover, there are additional benefits to using our MTO approved workshop for all your future service and maintenance work.

Top quality vehicle servicing, maintenance, full diagnostics with the latest technology equipment ensures that your vehicle will be in the best care possible. Our staff are constantly undergoing continuous training to ensure we are always up-to-date with the latest technology. Land Rovers are beautifully constructed and sturdy vehicles, good maintenance and vehicle servicing is essential, no matter what you use your vehicle for. Servicing your vehicle at the "recommended" distance or monthly intervals will ensure that you extend the life of your Land Rover.

We deliver to all the major panel beaters countrywide and are on the panel as a recommended parts supplier for most well-known insurance companies. We are dealers for the following warranty companies.

  • Eqstra Sure - Dealer Code 076180
  • Innovations - Dealer Code Warranty 31663
  • Innovations - Services and maintenance 19383
  • Motorite - Dealer Code D093908
Before your maintenance

Before your maintenance and servicing work

Professional service advisers

When contacting Acrotek LR Spares, you can be assured that you will be communicating with highly qualified people who have your best interests in mind. We can offer you the best advice from years of hands-on experience.

Electronic Parts Catalogue

The EPC system is specifically designed to make the selection of replacement automotive parts quick, easy and accurate. The system delivers information in a variety of user-friendly ways – all of which have been developed with detailed input.

EPC features fast-loading detailed illustrations, search by part number, part name and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), cross-indexing, and much more. The EPC is the easy and efficient way to locate the correct part every time.

Diagnostic systems

Land Rovers represent the highest quality engineering and design and should provide you with many years of trouble-free motoring. However, should unforeseen issues occur with your vehicle, Acrotek LR Spares uses up-to-date diagnostic equipment that communicates with your car to help locate and rectify any issues. The advanced software not only finds potential issues, but provides the service technician with suggestions and tools to help resolve them.

With this level of help, there is no guesswork involved: these unique resources help to find out if there is any issue with your vehicle. Should an issue be confirmed, the diagnostic equipment will also be used to assist us in providing a quick and efficient repair.

During your service

During your service or maintenance work:

Factory approved repair procedures and tooling

With any service work, the correct tools and techniques are used on your Land Rover. Detailed engineering procedures are followed by our technicians to ensure any work is completed correctly. Many of the tools used have also been specifically created for use on a Land Rover. This guarantees that the right tool is used for the right job, and minimises the risk of incorrect fitting or damage to your vehicle.

Qualified technicians

Acrotek LR Spares understands that maintenance and service work requires advanced knowledge, expertise, and first rate ability. Only quality technicians are allowed to work on your Land Rover.

Use of Land Rover Genuine Parts and Accessories

Land Rover Genuine Parts and Accessories have been designed specifically to comply with our high standards of safety and reliability. They provide the best solution for all service and maintenance needs. In addition, any genuine part or accessory that is purchased or provided by Acrotek LR Spares will be covered by warranty.

Customer convenience

Acrotek LR Spares deliver the highest standards of customer care by offering a range of convenient services including, for example, a courtesy car or home pick-up and drop-off (subject to availability).

After the work is complete

After the work is complete:

Transparent pricing and invoicing

Acrotek LR Spares believes strongly in transparency when it comes to invoicing any work done on your vehicle. There will be no hidden costs or unwanted surprises on your bill at the end of any work. And if you are still unsure about any item on your bill, Acrotek LR Spares are more than happy to help with your queries.

Warranty protection

All service work carried out by Acrotek LR Spares is supported by our 12 month workmanship warranty. Furthermore, all genuine parts used are covered by an approved parts warranty.

The Acrotek LR Spares stamp

Regular servicing Acrotek LR Spares will give your vehicle the benefit of great service history. This not only helps prolong the well being of your Land Rover, but can also help maintain a competitive resale value.

Additional benefits

Additional benefits:

Aftermarket warranty (Recommended)

We offer a comprehensive aftermarket warranty at excellent (Pay As You Go) rates. There are no large upfront payments required; this is the most affordable and reliable mechanical warranty solution on the market. You will be extensively covered after the first 30 days of applying, enquire with one of our consultants for more details.

Be part of a global community

On top of the assurance that only qualified technicians will be entrusted to work on your Land Rover, there are additional benefits to using Acrotek LR Spares for all your future service and maintenance work.

Latest product information

Each Land Rover owner is part of a unique global community of enthusiasts who own highly capable vehicles, and Acrotek LR Spares will strive to keep our customers informed of any new products or developments.

Vehicle and software enhancements

Land Rover can make updates where necessary during certain service routines to improve the Land Rover vehicle range. The diagnostic equipment used at Acrotek LR Spares can interrogate the electrical control systems on your vehicle to confirm they are operating correctly. Where necessary, it can then update the software in the control modules to bring everything up to date.

Genuine care for older vehicles

As your Land Rover ages, Acrotek LR Spares can ensure it receives the same care it was given when new. Our technicians know how to keep your Land Rover looking and perfoMTOng at its best, regardless of its age or model.

We value your feedback

We regularly gather the opinions of our global base of Land Rover owners. The feedback you give is used to not only help improve our products, but also to enhance the services and facilities on offer. So don't forget to Like us on Facebook, connect to us on LinkedIn or register for the Overlander Chronicles Newsletter.

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Your first choice for superior Land Rover maintenance and servicing

MTO Approved Service Centres: Your guaranteed Choice for Excellence in Vehicle Maintenance

If you own a used Land Rover out of warranty, there’s no better place for superb quality service and maintenance with reasonable pricing and an absolute passion for Land Rover vehicles, assuring you the utmost care of your vehicle. Your Land Rover has been with you through the ups and downs of life and travel – over tar and through mountains – and always gets you to where you want to be. Regular vehicle maintenance is important to keep your Land Rover in tip-top condition, so that you can continue your journey and adventure together.

Visit 'our' recommended Land Rover Service Interval guide to make sure you know when to book your vehicle in with us for a top quality service and assessment.